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The only cost of the program is the same as taking regular voice lessons, or even less. There are minimum hours of education (lessons and other training) to do in order to meet each certification level requirements. In fact, as an Affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to make up to 100% of the sales of Sing With Power training programs. Although you certainly don't have to, some students make money to help pay for lessons by simply posting links. PLUS, we try to get you teaching ASAP! In fact, just teaching a couple of lessons a week can pay for the entire certification process. We want to make the program as accessible as possible.
Well, that depends on your experience level and current teaching ability. You'll be tested and observed for placement in the program. Some start at a higher level, while some are new and will start working toward the completion of level one. We'll show even brand new teachers how to start teaching and making money right away, even while working to obtain first level certification. That being said, it usually takes about 8-14months for a new teacher to complete the first level of certification. Teachers who already have experience can initially move through the program a bit more quickly.
Yep! You're not an employee. You work as a self-employed individual, so you build your business and go as far as your abilities will take you! If you don't plan to work hard at helping build your teaching studio numbers by becoming a better and better teacher, then voice teaching might not be for you. But, if working for yourself and teaching others to sing sounds motivating, then it can be very financially rewarding as well. A couple of quick examples:

Teaching 10 hours a week at only $50 per hour is a great way to make $25,000 a year, part-time. A 15-hour week at $75 per hour will bring in about $56,000 annually, again,
working only part-time! The better teacher you are, the more you can charge, and the busier you'll be. It isn't at all uncommon for voice teachers to charge $100 per hour. 15 hours a week at $100 per hour? $75,000 annually! That same $100 at 25 hours per week? $125,000 per year! You get the idea!
Well… no. As an example, to be a good voice teacher, you have to have a pretty good ear for intonation. In other words, you have to be able to easily hear if someone is singing sharp or flat tune and right on pitch, rather than singing in tune like they should. Without a good ear, it will be hard to help others learn to sing really well. During your first session with Eric, you'll see if voice teaching would be a great fit for your passions and abilities. If not, there's always golf! :-)
Well, you've got to start somewhere! Starting the lessons in the certification program (which maintains a focus on your individual growth, but also on teaching others to sing well) will get you a head start on your teaching career over just taking regular voice lessons.
The vast majority of teachers in the program will do virtually all of their lessons, training, observations, testing and education all online via Skype and through audio and video training.
Yes! While most of my "Skype students" are from all over the world, even some of my local students study via Skype, though they could easily come to the studio in person. They like the convenience of taking the lesson at home, and they can still get a recorded version of the lesson so they can practice what we did in the lesson. There are those who prefer in-studio lessons. It's just a personal preference. Give it a try!
The Affiliate Program gives teachers in the program the opportunity to make up to 100% off of a sale of each Sing With Power training program. Or, teachers can simply pass through that discount to their students. Although there is not a requirement for the students of certified teachers to buy any product, the Sing With Power training programs can be powerful supplements to support your teaching. It's just another way to help you in the certification process to build better students, and a better, more successful teaching studio. How hard is it to do? It can be as simple as posting a link on FaceBook or your web page. You can be creative here, but we'll give you some ideas on how you can start making money with this right away.
The Sing With Power Voice Teacher Certification Program has four levels. You can decide how far in your training you want to go. When you are where you want to be within the program, then you no longer have to progress to the next certification level. Of course, to insure that you keep your teaching skills sharp, all of the certification levels require ongoing basic education. That can come in the form of lessons, video training, workshop attendance (either live or online), etc. Contact us to find out more about the specific responsibilities of our certified teachers. For instance, some months it can simply involve watching some teacher training videos online. As true teachers, we want to become better and better, because growing in ability and ongoing education should never stop!
Maybe Again, the Sing With Power Voice Teacher Certification Program has four levels. Your initial placement is determined by your past experience, your abilities and performing and teaching background. In a first session with Eric, your basic vocal abilities and any teaching experience you might have will be assessed, and then Eric will discuss how much credit you may be given upon entering the program. For many, learning to teach voice lessons will be a new endeavor. For others, it's a natural "next step" for them in their teaching careers, and they will likely be placed further into the certification process.
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Here's a link to a very detailed and helpful article written by Eric Bruner: How to Become a Voice Teacher